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PandaPix provides the following transfer, digitizing, and organizational services

Digitize & Retouch/Colorize Photos

We scan your photos at a standard resolution of 400 dpi. We can digitize oversize prints, framed photos, or other memorabalia. We also offer photo editing, retouching, and colorizing services. Please contact us for more information. (click here for example before/after retouched images)

Digitize Slides

We digitize slides using a high-quality digital camera with a macro lens. For large slide collections, we also use a highly modified Kodak slide projector. The resulting image quality is equal to or better than scans obtained from high resolution scanners.

Slides should be clean and in landscape orientation. You can provide the slides as individual slides in groups (typically 40 slides or more), or loaded into 80-slide carousels. We can loan 80-slide carousels upon request. Contact us for more information. We will be glad to provide sample digitized slides upon request.

Please note that we do not clean slides, so you'll want to make sure that your slides are clean.

Video transfer & editing services

We transfer your home videos to DVD format. We will transfer multiple home videos to a single 2-hour DVD (most of our competitors limit you to just two videos per DVD! This can get quite expensive if your videos are less than 30 minutes in length.). For large conversion jobs, we also offer FREE estimates. In addition, we can edit your videos to increase the volume (some videos, such as those taken for weddings, graduation ceremonies, etc. have very low, inaudible, or poor audio) or to select specific portions of the videos for a nominal charge.

In addition, we provide FREE AVI digital master files of your home videos (none of our competitors do this). These AVI files may be easily played (and edited) on your home computers, smart phones, or tablets. MP4 files can also be provided for a nominal charge.

We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, and Mini-DV video cassette formats. We will also provide an index of your home videos (usually organized by date) to enable you to easily locate your favorite videos. Although we do not digitize 8mm and other film formats, we will work with other local digitizers so that we can be your one-stop shop for digitizing services. We can also create a montage of thumbnails of your home videos upon request.

Digitize Negatives & Make Digital Contact Sheets from Archival Sheets

We digitize negatives using a high resolution digital camera with a macro lens and special software.

If you are not sure which negatives you want to convert, you can save money by utilizing a lower cost option. Just insert your negatives into clear plastic negative archival sheets (we can provide these). We'll take a picture of the archival sheets and convert them to low resolution digital "contact" sheets. You can then decide which negatives you would like digitized at high resolution. (click here for example Digital Contact Sheet)

Digitize Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, & Paintings

We digitize photo albums, scrap books, paintings, framed photos, and other memorabalia using a high resolution camera & macro lens and special non-glare color-corrected lighting. Please contact us for a quote.

Photo, Image, and File Organization Services

Do you have thousands of photos and image files on your computers, phones, cameras, and other devices? Do you have a hard time locating image files of interest? We offer individualized services to help you organize your digital files so that you can quickly and easily locate files of interest. Contact us for details.

Macro Photography Services

We can take high resolution pictures of anything small using a digital camera and macro lens. Contact us for details.


Under Construction.

Paintings and Calligraphy

NEW! We are able to paint portraits of your scanned images and do custom calligraphy. Two of our daughters, Alyssa and Abigail, are excellent artists. Please contact us for with your custom requests and we will provide examples, details, and pricing.

3D Scanning & Printing Services

NEW! Paul has been interested in 3D Printing for quite a while. With Peter's help, we are exploring how to make 3D scans and prints. Peter recently made a 3D wedding topper for Charlotte & Cody's wedding cake. Contact us for details.

Misc. Services

NEW! We offer several other digitizing services, including macrophotography, photography of specialty items (precious possessions, paintings, etc.). Please contact us for details.


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Type of Service Price
Video transfer
  • $12/hr to transfer to DVD
    • No limit on the number of home video tapes per DVD
    • AVI digital files provided at no extra charge, MP4/other video formats extra charge
  • $6 additional DVD copies
  • Discounts available for over 40 hours of video - contact us for details
  • $60/hour - video editing services
  • Free estimates based on actual video amounts upon request if you have a large number of tapes
Photo scanning
  • $0.29/print (up to 5" x 7")
  • $1.00/print (greater than 5" x 7")
Negative conversion
(35 mm, individual, consecutive)
$1.00/neg* (high quality + white balancing & color correction)
*If more than 100 consecutive negatives, the price will be discounted to $0.80 per negative)
Negative conversion
(digital contact sheets)
  • $5/Letter size proof digital file of up to thirty-six 35mm negatives (in clear vinyl protector/archival sheet)
  • $3/letter size if more than 10 sheets are converted at once
  • For individual negatives selected from contact sheets, image conversion will be @ $2/neg (high quality + white balancing & color correction)
Negative conversion
(non-35 mm)
We convert all sizes of negatives
Typical pricing for converting large negatives is $1.50/neg - Call for pricing
Slide conversion
  • $0.80/slide (35mm, high quality, in groups of loose slides, or in 80-slide carousels)
  • We also convert oversize or undersize slides - contact us for pricing
Photo restoration/retouching
  • NEW!
  • Free estimates provided for retouching services
  • $50 minimum charge for retouching services
  • Contact us for retouching samples
DIY Consulting Services $150 for a 2-hour consultation at Customer location or via internet. $50/hour thereafter.
*Includes use of special equipment for up to one week (*applicable to local jobs only). See more at DIY Consulting.

Terms and Conditions


Paul and Anne Briggs of Lexington, Kentucky, are dedicated to preserving sentimental videos, photos, slides, and negatives in digitized form. This local, family-owned business allows you to hand-deliver your treasured family photos without the worry of packing and shipping.

Paul came up with the idea of PandaPix in 2010, initially looking for a way to convert old photos to digital format. He realized that this would be something that a lot of people would want, and he soon expanded into conversion of home videos, slides, and negatives and other non-digital media.

Need a photo slideshow for your wedding or graduation and running out of time to scan all your old photos? Maybe you're creating a scrapbook for a Christmas gift? Or perhaps you want to email a digitized memory to a friend, but can't.

Entrust your family memorabalia to PandaPix:

We're a locally owned and family operated business.

No worries about packing and shipping your videos, photos, slides, or negatives.

We individually transfer/scan each video, photo, slide, or negative ourselves.

We guarantee a professional, timely conversion from hard copy format to digital format.

We help you organize and store your lifetime of home videos, photos, slides, and negatives.

Revisit & share old memories time and again with the ease of digital format. Easily store your memories in multiple locations (including the "cloud") to ensure your memories are protected.

Our goal is to enable you convert your precious memories into high quality digital files at an economical cost.

We use innovative digitizing technology to efficiently create low-cost, high-quality digital files that you can enjoy on your computers, iPads/tablets, or smartphones for years to come.

And, if you are just wanting to find out "what's inside the boxes" - maybe you have hundreds of videos, photos, slides, or negatives - you don't need to do a high-quality scan of each and every negative or slide. We offer various ways to efficiently create standard quality digitized files which allow you to keep the conversion costs to an absolute minimum.

You can save even more if you are willing to do some of the preparation work yourself! Then, when you've examined the standard quality files, you may select the specific negatives or slides for which you would like higher-quality digital files. In addition, we offer various ways to help you organize your digitized file collection (including the many photo files you probably already have on your computer).


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I scan my home videos and photos in the first place?

Your home videos, photos, slides, negatives are irreplaceable family treasures which are highly valued at PandaPix. Digitizing your videos, snapshots and memories allows them to be preserved digitally and remotely (in case of a home disaster). It also protects your videos and pictures from the degradation of time, heat, light, scratching, and color shifting which harm videos and original photos, slides, and negatives.

Digitizing saves your videos and photos in the state they are in, prior to any further deterioration. In addition, digitizing allows you to readily organize and access and share your memories on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Converting your old family videos to DVD or digital avi files will allow you to watch your favorite memories long after your camcorder or VHS player has expired or has been replaced by the latest technology.

Will my photos be kept confidential?

Yes. Only PandaPix staff will see your photos and videos.

Are my originals returned to me?

Of course! Every photo, negative, slide, and video will be handled with tender loving care and will be returned in the same condition as it was delivered to us.

Can I view my photos online?

Yes. When you pay for your order in full you may view your digitized photos, slides, and negatives online.

How long will it take to get my digitized photos/videos back?

It depends on the size of your order. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to have your digitized memories and originals within two weeks of PandaPix receiving them.

Is packaged pricing available?

Yes! Contact us directly to receive a custom price for your memory digitizing needs.

How do I choose a resolution?

The default resolution for scanned photos is 400 dpi, which will work fine for reprints. All slides and negatives are digitized at high resolution which will allow you to make large prints if desired.


May I leave my photos in my albums when I drop them off at Pandapix?

No. PandaPix scanning prices assume that all photos have been removed from their holders and do not have any sticky residue attached.

Can the color of my photos be enhanced?

Yes, PandaPix offers digital photo enhancing services.


How many minutes of video fit on a DVD?

Standard DVDs store up to 120 minutes of video. PandaPix will transfer up to four ½ hour home videos to one DVD. We also recommend that you have your videos converted to avi format, which may be saved on computers or thumbdrives, and which offers a permanent way to save your videos for future playback.


Can you digitize old negatives?

Yes, one of the unique services PandaPix offers is digitizing of 35mm, 110mm, and medium format negatives.


Can you digitize slides?

Yes, PandaPix also offers efficient slide digitization as well. We prefer that you provide us with your slides in carousels. If you don’t have slide carousels, we will loan them to you.

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