Transfer your home videos, photos, slides, & negatives to digital format!

We help you quickly find out what's in those boxes - and then make high quality digital videos and images of the memories that you really care about.  

We'll do it for you - or show you how to do it yourself!

Do you have boxes of home videos, photos, slides, or negatives that you want to preserve and convert?

Don't know where to begin?       
Don't have the time?

There are some simple ways to find out what's in the boxes of videos, slides or negatives - before committing lots of time or money to transferring them individually.  

Let us do the legwork for you! 

OR, if you are more of a DIY-type person, or would rather just not let your precious memories out of your sight, we also offer DIY consulting services to help you to:

    o Efficiently transfer, organize, and share                your home videos

    o Efficiently scan & digitize your photos

    o Quickly & easily convert your slides or               negatives into low res multi-image proof           files/digital contact sheets 

    o Organize your digital files so that you                  can quickly locate your favorite videos &

    o Efficiently & inexpensively edit videos and            images yourself 

    o Convert, view, and share your videos and            images on home computers, smart phones,          tablets, or Ipads

    PandaPix is

    o Local
    o Family-owned-and operated
    o Economical
    o Dedicated to helping you create, organize,             & share high-quality digital copies of
       your memories

We take your home videos, photos, slides, and negatives & transfer/convert them to their corresponding digital format to help you preserve, organize, and share your memories for the digital age.  

We bring your past into the future!

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We are offering FREE DIY 
digitizing workshops 

We are excited to offer free public workshops for you to learn how to efficiently transfer your home videos or scan your photos, slides, and negatives to produce high-quality digital files using low cost equipment and software.  Please see the link below to register for these events.  See also our DIY section for additional DIY information.

DIY Scanning & Digitizing Q&A Session, October 19, 2015, Lexington Public LibraryBeaumont Branch, 6:30-8:00 pm

Register at this Link

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